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Awaken your Magick

Magickal meeting for personal life & business.

  • 2 hours
  • 111 euroa
  • zoom

Service Description

I will guide you towards the path your soul desires to walk. During our time together I usually share some insights and stories from my path but in the end you have your map like I have mine. Trust your inner wisdom. Depends on your clair senses you might receive information in different ways. Your gifts might also open up or improve during our sessions. What does awaken your magick means? It depends what you came to do here? Your magick might be that you are a healer but also something completely different. How you can bring magick in to different areas in personal life and business? Is your magick on content creation, health care, art, in new inventions or in something else? What did you come to be a channel for? My purpose on this journey with you is to help you remember your own magick, gifts and why you really are here. I have lots of wisdom to share but my intention is not to copy paste myself. I wanna see you shine in your own unique way. The structure of the meeting: With the help of the discussion we bring to the surface the most relevant issues at the moment. I might pull some cards and usually healing includes singing bowls. Sometimes we start to dig subjects what feels uncomfortable to you but together we look boldly in to light & shadows. Your struggles, emotions, concerns, and questions are important to me and even I encourage you to face unpleasant things however, you decide the pace and your own limits. When you book a meeting process starts. So don't be surprised if things start to happen or if you feel stronger feelings than usual. You might also get nervous before meeting which is also totally normal. You are entering a new path and it can be scary sometimes. At this time I don't offer packages. Instead if you want to take longer journey with me you can book an appointment one at a time when you need it. Service available in English and Finnish. The duration of the meeting is around 1-3 hours. Price is per session not per hour.

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